Moving up in the world

The two pots of habanero pepper plants on the left were on the ground and didn’t get as much sun as the others, owing to the shadow of the house next to ours. I had that old aquarium stand, so I put the peppers on top of it. Now they get as much sun as the others. Yet another plus of container gardening!

Blind man

Howie’s putting up the matchstick blinds I found at Big Lots. These should keep us nicely shaded early afternoons in the gazebo. That’s when the sunlight comes down at a slant between the canopy and the patio and things really heat up. After about 5pm, most of the patio is in the shade and it’s pleasant out here.

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One of the best dog action shots ever

Just Friends
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This shot is perfect. What an expression the photographer caught on the dogs’ faces! I had to share it with you today! That dog on the left looks like it’s saying “Oh, man, I’m toast.” It just cracks me up. Be sure to view it full-sized at Flickr so you can see the various notes and comments.