Inexpensive scrapbook supplies: Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading CompanyI’ve been visiting Oriental Trading Company’s website quite a bit lately because we’ve found things to use at the flower shop, so we’re always on the lookout for other neat goodies. We get lots of fun ideas just looking at pictures, for that matter.

BUT, what I’m really wanting to get is some scrapbooking stuff. I know I don’t need more, but they have a lot of cool embellishments, paper, beads, brads, eyelets, albums and, and….just all kinds of stuff. Cheap! I know some girls from the local scrapbook store went in together on a big order of bulk brads and other embellishments and came away with a ton of stuff for very little. That’s the way to do it.

Tell me what bargains you find! Let me know if you’re going to do a scrapbooking co-op or anything fun like that.

First page of my pet album

I’m putting together an 8×8″ album just for photos of our pets. This is the opening page. I made the dog out of leftover scraps of mulberry paper, gluing the tiny bits onto a drawing I made first. His eyes are two small brads, partially covered with mulberry paper pieces. I’m tickled with how he came out!

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