What to do if your cat loses its tail

Did you hear about the lady who accidentally cut her cat’s tail off with a weed whacker?

Orange cat looking back where its tail should be.

The cat lost its tail in an unfortunate weed-whacker event.

Very upset, the woman grabbed the cat and its severed tail and told her neighbor she was taking the cat to Walmart.

Her neighbor said, “Why on earth are you taking the cat to Walmart? You should take him to the vet!”

The lady replied, “Don’t you know Walmart’s the largest retailer in America??”

Another weekend scrapping


originally uploaded by gardenwife.

Yay! I pretty much spent the whole weekend at Scrappers Gallery. As usual, I spent more time talking than scrapbooking. Still, I’ve done a few more layouts for my “Our Critters” mini album.

You can see the rest of the pages at Flickr by clicking the thumbnail of this Queen Hattie Cat thumbnail. The pictures aren’t very good since they were scanned on a flatbed scanner and the 3D portions of the layouts make for some blurry spots behind them. I will photograph the pages once the book’s done.