Nothing says Christmas like turquoise owls, right?

I normally love Caribou’s Christmas displays and merchandise. But this year I really think they blew it. Turqoise, red and purple mice, rabbits and owls? They went for this “nature” themed stuff, which could be cute if done right. But these? I can’t think of the name of this style of comic art. Maybe someone can help me out. It puts me in mind of poorly drawn Flash animations that pop up all over the web.

Not. Christmas. Not. Holidays. I didn’t take pictures of the ornaments, but they’re either big styrofoam balls covered with knitted yarn or woodland creatures made from plant materials. The latter were actually kind of cute, but they were gone by the time everything was marked half off. There are knitted and presumably recycled coffee cup clutches for sale, too, but judging from how many I still see on the racks, customers didn’t much like them, either. Very little of it has any kind of holiday feel to it. I know they were trying to go for designs that didn’t necessarily bespeak a certain season, but they went too far and the result is shelves still full of merchandise that would, I think, be gone by now normally.

C’mon, you guys can do better than this! Past seasons’ POP and merchandise has been great! Please, don’t jump on the whole “go green” bandwagon just for marketing. It really fell flat this year. Other customers we know felt the same way. It’s just not up to past years’ standards.