Mom and I got some tadpoles for our ponds this afternoon.

We also took home some anacharis, parrot feather, water hyacinth and water lettuce. Those last three multiply very quickly, so we each only got one of each plant. Come June and July, we’ll be giving the things away just so we can see the water and the fish.

I’m trying to get the fish more used to people so they don’t hide when they see us peering down at them. Maybe the introduction of the fantail will help this since she came from an aquarium and not a bulk stock tank; she came right over to the glass and eyeballed me when I was looking at the fish. Goldfish can get quite friendly, eating from your fingers and letting you pet them. I’d love it if these guys would tame down like that. I’m going to feed them just a little bit when they see me so they associate people with food.

One thought on “Tadpoles!

  1. Is this a new pond that has never had fish or do they die off every winter and you have to buy more? That would be sad if they died so soon.

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