Ta-Da…The New Desk!

Digital Dock, Baby!This is what I jokingly refer to as my cockpit. I love how everything is within easy reach without taking up one bit of extra desktop space. Kudos to whoever did the design work on this at O’Sullivan Furniture. It’s just plain brilliant, and I love it.

Old yellerHere’s a before shot, showing our old desk. This picture was taken when we first moved the office into the front room…Back before it had a chance to get too cluttered, and before the keyboard tray broke…Before we added peripherals which took up yet more desk space…Sorry I couldn’t find a more recent picture with that chronic “lived in” look!

I’ll post more pictures once the whole room is done. Right now it’s still full of boxes of stuff I vacated from the old desk and its drawers! We’re scavenging the drawers from the left side of the old desk and installing them on the right side of the new one. I can’t wait.

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