Swimming in a Digital Ocean

One of the things I love about the Internet is reading blogs and assorted articles from around the globe. One e-mail newsletter I really enjoy is Adam Boettiger’s Digital Ocean.

I first saw his posts in the Gmail Help Discussion group and was impressed with his suggestion to take advantage of Google’s awesome e-mail indexing and searching capabilities by creating a second, private Gmail account to use as a second brain. Great stuff, his articles, full of practical advice for getting a handle on the glut of e-mail and electronic clutter in our lives.

Today I caught up on a few back issues of Digital Ocean and saw his write-up regarding McDonalds and their {idiotic} move to outsourcing drive-thru window orders. He tackles it with humor, but he’s right on target:

Now, is it just me or does anyone else see the irony in this? Where are most call-centers? Offshore. Can you picture
a calltaker in India, where cows are sacred, taking an order for a double-quarter pounder in LA?

I worked 3+ years as a supervisor and CS support person at a major call center and have dealt with overseas support agents as a customer. I cannot imagine the customer (no)service that will result from something like this. Read the whole article here.

Thanks for a great newsletter, Adam!

2 thoughts on “Swimming in a Digital Ocean

  1. Thanks for the link to Digital Ocean it’s a very interesting site!
    I hope your headache is gone by now (I had one for the last 24 hours).
    Thanks for stopping by my corner and for the upbeat/funny message (the introduction), you made me laugh!

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