I’ve not much to write about, but here I am. Maybe I have far more to write about than I want to write about – that might be more accurate. It’s nothing bad, just a lot of thought going on in my head this week.

I’ve just felt kind of melancholy today and restless. Upon leaving my mom’s after doing some computer troubleshooting for her, I drove around town and in the country a little. I didn’t really have an urge to take pictures, just to wander.

I got some lunch and headed over to a local park. It was too noisy with traffic. I drove to a local municipal park located at the end of a quiet street. That was nice, with few people around and a wonderful breeze playing through the trees. eBook handy, I just sat in the car and read for a while, enjoying the quiet. But I was still restless.

I didn’t feel like going home, didn’t feel like visiting people, didn’t feel like shopping. I don’t know what I felt like doing. That’s how I am lately. My prayers have been for guidance, for leading. I know the things I love to do and I would like to develop those talents into a business. But I doubt myself and my self-discipline.

Then again, on things I really love, the discipline seems to come. I guess I need to cut myself some slack and just be open. It just feels like there’s something out there, and I’m eager to see what it is. It’s the getting there that’s so hard!

2 thoughts on “Subdued

  1. I have days like that. I never can put real words to the mood either. It’s like I want something, but i don’t know what. Hope you find it.

  2. Don’t worry you’ll get where God wants you to go. It’s those birthing pains that are so hard but just rest and know that ther’s a huge world out there all around you and you’ve got a special call in it and for it.

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