The latest spam of note:

FROM: No more stubble
TO: gw…
SUBJ: KIMBERLEY, Your face hasn’t been this smooth since puberty

How do they know what my face was like at puberty? What if I suffered from hirsutism, but have since found a solution?

stubble.jpgFact is, I am likely more hairy now than when I was an adolescent. But how did they know that? Last year, a certain Old Woman Hair began to plague my chin. Every so often, I was forced to grasp the stiff little stub in my tweezers and pluck it. The last time I noticed it was months ago, though…Maybe that follicle’s cried “uncle” and closed up shop. But still…Barring beard stubble, what the heck kind of stubble do they expect KIMBERLEY to have? I just love spam.

5 thoughts on “Stubble?

  1. I agree — personally, I think it’s remarkable how many people are concerned about the size of my… member… 🙂

    I found your site via a comment you made on Tami’s Clock in 2004. You mentioned that you had a set of Crofton cookware, and I’m wondering whether you would recommend them, now that you’ve been using them for a while. Or, if you have replaced them, that says something too. I’d appreciate any insight you can offer. Thank you!

  2. Hi, Anne – thanks for commenting. I still use my Crofton pans almost every day and they’ve held up great. The copper on the bottom is either a thin coat or it’s just painted to look like copper, and it will scrub off if you use something very abrasive. Still, the bottoms are thick and distribute the heat well. I love these pans.

  3. That is TOO funny! And don’t you just love the ones where they want to make you a better man! I just have to sigh, delete them and go on. I haven’t gotten the one about the stubble yet. Lucky me!

  4. I would have thought that someone who knows me gave them my name! Since menopause my chin feels like a porkupine all the time and my upper lip could sprout a handlebar moustache within 3 days if I didn’t pluck (OUCH!) and or shave every day!

    I thought about leaving it for a week and braiding it but my darling husband said that when he vowed “for better or for worse” he was not talking about anything that much worse.

    But thanks for the warning….now when it comes I won’t take it personally!

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