Stream of Conscious Rambling

I just got up, so I won’t say this is a stream of conscious thinking because I am just now getting my first cup of coffee ingested. I’m just getting over a cold and feel the rumblings of something going on in my chest again – bleah. It’s too early for allergies – nothing’s budding out other than more snowflakes. My husband does have a cold now, thanks to me or some other germ-spewing individual. I tried to keep the germ-spewing to a minimum, but sometimes stuff just happens.

I’ve been happy to spend some time with Angie this last week. She came by Sunday for a few hours and again yesterday. She found a job – weeee! Nice daytime hours for her, too. I mentioned that I’d read some of her blog entries from 2001 and couldn’t believe the change in her. She’s blossomed as she’s shed her bitterness and trusted God. It’s just the coolest thing! I have a lot of letting go to do, shedding off of old preconceptions, and seeing the changes in her encourages me: It can be done. What a cool thing.

We got an unexpected and welcome surprise yesterday. Howie was praying about our finances Monday night. He’d decided to start tithing again, despite that money being needed for some car repairs and our dogs’ licenses this coming month. We believe in supporting the local church where we’re being fed, and we’ve seen miraculous things happen in our own finances when we’re faithful to support the church. Anyway…He told God he didn’t want to charge anything, that he wanted to trust Him to supply the money for those things. The next day he got to work and found an e-mail from his boss announcing a $350 bonus was being given to the non-management employees! I love it when things like that happen. 🙂

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