Still losing: 232

Happiness is celebrating non-scale victories. I mean things like this:

  • Loving, and being loved by, my fantastic husband
  • Being truly satisfied with 1600 calories a day
  • Knowing I am worth all the effort I put into this
  • No longer suffering chronic IBS
  • Enjoying energy again
  • Seeing inches melt away from my waist and hips
  • Feeling muscles where before there’d only been pudge
  • Walking a mile without shortness of breath
  • Passing a burger joint and not even being tempted (really!)
  • Realizing my mind is being transformed along with my body
  • Coming up with fun recipes to stretch those calories
  • Participating in an understanding, supportive community

    Yes, I feel happy today. The main reasons, though, are non-scale victories like those I list above. It doesn’t hurt any that the sun’s shining, birds are singing, and I’m getting ready to go shopping. It’s only a quick trip to Lowe’s for a replacement for our defunct post light out front, but hey…It’s shopping.

    Another reason I’m happy today is I lost 2.5 lbs. this week. Only 12 pounds to go before I reach my wedding weight of 220 lbs. I’ve not seen that weight, or a size 18, since 1992. And I’m almost there! As far as I know, my final stop on this weight-loss journey is 175 lbs., and that’s only 57 lbs. away. If I stick to things, I could see that by new year’s eve. Wouldn’t THAT be cool? PARTY-TIME, I tell ya!

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    6 thoughts on “Still losing: 232

    1. I can literally hear the happiness in your post! Great job on the weight loss and by the way, I LOVE going to Lowe’s. It just gets me in that “fix-it” mode!

    2. Thanks! I had fun at Lowe’s, even found matching post and wall fixtures on sale. They have sort of an art nouveau flair to them, and their finish is a warm antique brown. I bought some dark spray enamel for the lamp post, too…Can’t wait to get everything installed!

    3. That’s fantastic, well done! I am trying to lose weight and I know how those weeks when some flab disappears are wonderful.

    4. Thanks, you nice people, you! If I could just apply the same self-discipline to house cleaning as I have dieting. Controlling things in life is kinda like wearing a girdle, you know? You squeeze one part into submission and splooge! out pops another area somewhere else!

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