Stella is still sick

Even though Stella seemed to be better this morning and gobbled down her food, by late this afternoon she wouldn’t eat her dinner. Howie took her to the vet again and this time her fever was 104.

The vet gave her more sub Q fluids and a vitamin shot. She told Howie they give the antibiotics four to five days to start working and if she’s not improved by then, they’ll change her to something else.

In the meantime, our poor pup is listless and having terouble breathing. She threw up again this evening and is coughing and gagging up gunk. The latter we want her to do, as it gets it out of her lungs.

Do any of you have experience with canine pneumonia or other respiratory infections? Is there anything else we can do other than the percussion therapy to loosen the mucous in her lungs and get her to cough?

We feel so helpless. 🙁

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