Stella attracts trouble

Today, Sarah nipped Stella. At the time, it didn’t look like anything was wrong. Now, however, she has a lot of swelling over her right eye and I can see where the skin was broken. Poor puppy doesn’t want me to touch it. We’ll have to watch it and see if there are signs of infection.

2 thoughts on “Stella attracts trouble

  1. This is why I don’t like to see dogs play rough. I know I am a spoilsport, but someone always gets hurt.

  2. Sarah was being territorial over some treats I was giving to them and just turned around and snapped at Stella. Sarah’s a grouchy old girl and doesn’t much cotton to puppy antics. Now, when Emma and Stella roughhouse, they play bite and mouth each other, but not hard like dogs that are really fighting. In fact, Emma will make sounds with her mouth open wide and Stella puts her whole head in Emma’s mouth.

    We watch them, though, and when we feed them dinner, their bowls are placed far apart. None of them are food aggressive with people, but Sarah and Emma are with other animals.

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