Spoonerisms pooner

As Howie, Nancy and I headed home from the YMCA today, I swerved a bit on the road and got everyones’ adrenaline pumpin’.

After reassuring my passengers and confirming that no unintentional urination or defication had occurred, I glanced at Howie and said, “Well, now you know how I feel when you drive. Sometimes you share the kit out of me!”

Even as I uttered those words, my mind bugled, “Abort! Abort! That’s not right!

The trouble with such spoonerisms is, when you blurt them out, the importance of your original sentiment is totally lost on people. I mean, it is lost! They caw in laughter, clutching their bellies and turning red-faced. And if you’re like me, you do likewise. We were roaring with laughter the rest of the way home.

Who laughed the most? Why, Nancy, of course! She is the originator of such inadvertent turns of phrase as “no problem” morphing into “pro noblem!” and, just this week, “flood plain” becoming “pud lane”.

Really, we all sounded like we’d had ti many martoonis.

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