Spammers claiming to be mods posting to Yahoo groups

This would amuse the heck out of me if I didn’t know people were being duped by these messages. The latest in the Yahoo Groups spam takes the form of posts claiming to be from the group moderator and advising people to check out the website in question. Here’s the latest example:

There really is no reason for thanking me for doing my job. I strongly believe from the first day that I signed up to be the moderator that it means I have a responsibility to you. A responsibility not to allow any posting that isn’t accurate and to delete all spam. We all know that filtering spam on Yahoo is a full time job LOL! When I first began seeing posts about how great the programs are at saving*more*than*before*dot*com (munged ~ Ed.) I knew I had to do my research. 37 different people have posted on this group telling us the fortunes that they saved using these programs. The first thing I did using computer tracking technology was to verify that these people weren’t the same person using different names. The 37 people were all different coming from 29 different states. 5 others came from different parts of the same state. So I decided to put this program to the test and ordered the sampler. As you now know the rest is history. I saved and am saving a fortune using this wonderful program. So please don’t thank me, as your moderator I was only doing my job.

This is baloney! Right now, if you search Google for the phrase “So please don’t thank me, as your moderator I was only doing my job.” or other phrases, you’ll find another instance posted on a different group…And by a different username. Ooh, and I’m sure that “computer tracking technology” is the same one Microsoft  and AOL uses in order to give away all that money and merchandise!

Yep, it’s spam. Don’t be fooled. Mark my words, this little ditty will show up in more groups as the spammers try this latest tactic.

3 thoughts on “Spammers claiming to be mods posting to Yahoo groups

  1. I say you’re savvy…Like me! LOL This one wasn’t Snopesable, at least not yet. But it smacked of scam, so I tried Googling a phrase and hit pay dirt.

  2. Because I got my feet wet with the internet via Yahoo groups (they were clubs back then), I learned quickly what was real and what wasn’t. Having a big group (not that I’m really all that involved anymore) made me cynical very quickly. I learned just how awful people could be and figured out that I would just as soon walk away than to argue endlessly. We did some good things once upon a time…

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