Soup and Football Nuts

I love a nice hot bowl of tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich on the side…Or maybe a nice MLT. Perky!

Anyway, Campbell Soup is making the soup part of this delight possible for many through Click for Cans. For every vote at the site, Campbell’s donates a can of soup. Their goal is to donate 5-million.

They don’t even ask for an e-mail address, folks. I already voted for Howie’s beloved Washington Redskins. Now it’s your turn!

10 thoughts on “Soup and Football Nuts

  1. MMMMM yum campbells tomato soup made with milk and a ton of saltine crackers soaking in the soup. Beef and Barley is real good too.

  2. OK we, well my daughter just voted because I am so not a rah rah football type, anyway she voted for the New York Jets. It was fun, I’ll get my son to vote when he’s available, I think his team is the Rams.

  3. I really like tomato soup, but I *love* bean with bacon! Oh, and split pea with ham. Boy, I’ve got to get some of that soon.

  4. psst this is pangie…i have always been partial to campbell’s vegetable beef. mmm mmm good! i also really dig chunky beef with country vegetables. so good!

  5. Pangie came to visit tonight and I made tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches! It wasn’t Campbell’s, but Wal-Mart’s brand, I think. It was still pretty tasty with the saltines I borrowed from my MIL.

  6. well, you forgot to share that little bit of crucial information with me! i feel so ripped off. had you mentioned that it was walmart brand, i might have declined. hrmph.

  7. and that, my friend, ends my side of this ummm… apo… apoLOjh umm… apoloGIa? yeah, uh, apoLOgia. argument. yeah.

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