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Devin Reid, a boy from my town, is fighting cancer. I read of his struggle in today’s newspaper, and in that article there was a link to his page at Caring Bridge. That organization provides a means for friends and families of sick loved ones to connect with others and keep people updated. They host blogs and guestbooks at no charge for these families. Devin’s mom posted an update on Saturday that I want to pass along.

It’s the Mom.
Here’s something you can do. In the 1st time this group wrote a song for Devin. Some of you might have had it played for by DJ Devin. I think the title was Everyone loves Devin Reid.
The Songs of Love Foundation has been accepted by the YouTube Nonprofit program. The more views we get, the better placement we have in their nonprofit channel section. Please have all you friends visit our YouTube site at:

You’ll be able to view the many videos we have posted on there. Please feel to leave comments as well. We feel that prominent placement in the site will also help us raise additional funds. We have over 100 songwriters on staff creating over 250 songs a month!

Here’s a segment CBS 60 Minutes did about their organization:

Please help spread the word about Songs of Love, will you? And keep Devin and the rest of these people in your thoughts and prayers. If you’d like to leave a note of encouragement for Devin, visit his page.

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