Something’s fishy

A Starkist Tuna TV commercial just informed me that the new Flavor Fresh Pouch is better than a can because it seals in flavor. Pardon my ignorance, Charlie, but do Starkist’s cans leak or something?

Okay, to be fair, I do prefer pouched tuna. Unlike canned tuna, the product weight listed on a pouch is all tuna; I know I’m not draining a quarter of a 6-ounce can down the drain in the form of water. I also don’t have to mess with a can opener. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it really does taste better, and it has a firmer consistency.

My cats miss licking the remnants from those cans, though. 😉

Howie and I have been trying to follow the American Heart Association’s dietary guidelines, and that includes eating two servings of fish per week. Part of that we enjoy in the form of tilapia fillets I cook on our George Foreman grill (with removeable plates, woo!). The other part of the weekly brain food comes from tuna. I think that’s the only reason I even noticed the ad tonight. Charlie the Tuna is pretty irritating, though it is kind of fun seeing a mascot last as many years as old Charlie has.

7 thoughts on “Something’s fishy

  1. urg–the only way i can eat tuna is with ranch dressing..its just way too fishy for me.
    i’d join you for the tilapia though.

  2. I gave up on Charlie about 5 years ago. Tuna was on sale for 4 cans for a dollar. After draining off the water from all 4 cans I had enough tuna left to make 3 sandwitches! Since then I have refused to buy the brand. So pouches or cans they are not ripping me of any longer! Now I spend more per can and buy Bumblebee when it is on sale and a single can will make 4 sandwitches.

    I do like the trend to pouches instead of cans though. easier to open and take less space in the trash can for the empties. Almost as good as reclosable zip bags on frozen foods.

  3. I buy whatever’s on sale, too. I do notice that the store brands tend to have stronger tasting tuna and it’s shredded instead of in chunks. Fortunately, most brands carry pouches now. The marinated tuna in a pouch is really good – we took that camping with us and made roll-up’s with tuna and cheese. ::slurp::

  4. I love tuna,.. I eat it 2-3 times a week. Since I am on sodium restriction, I buy the Starkist “Low Sodium” tuna. I tried some regular tuna after having the low sodium for so long and it was nasty!!! The low sodium is firmer and chunkier, but it does cost more. I do like the pouches, it seems like the tuna is better qulaity. Of course, I can’t eat the pouches now because of the sodium.

  5. I can eat tuna occasionally, but I’m sure the American Heart Association would not approve of my tuna fish sandwiches. They have: tuna (in oil only – no water for me!), sweet relish, onions, an egg, and mayo. Yummy!

  6. Ohhh, I cringe at the thought of all that oil, LOL! I’ve always had it in water, can’t imagine it all oily. A lot of people like it that way, though.

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