Something Fishy…

Today, thanks to the arrival of a check from Greenfield Online for some surveys I took, mom and I hit some garage sales while our husbands watched an OSU football game together. I was happy as a clam to find a big fishtank and wrought iron stand at one of the garage sales, It came with two Whisper power filters (one is a large, double-cartridge one, and the other is a single), two air pumps, a bubbler, and a heater. The only thing I need to get is a hood and light.

clickI asked the owner what he wanted for it and he said…are you ready? He said he’d take $20 for everything.

No, that’s not a typo. That, my friends, is an answer to prayer. I’ve been wanting one of these large tanks for at least ten years, but they’ve always been too much for me to justify the expense, even for a used set. Well, and it’s easier to justify computer and camera expenses, LOL. The tank is older (from what I’ve seen in online searches, Metaframe no longer manufactures aquariums), but the owner said he’d kept goldfish in it while he worked on his pond, and the tank did not leak. Shoot, the stand alone is worth $20, and I could easily make it into a nice sofa table if the mood ever struck.

Even if it did leak, my mom said she’s fixed leaks in fishtanks before, so why not give it a try? We’re giving it a try in the garage first, LOL…There’s a cement floor sloping toward a drain there. Hey, I’m optomistic, not stupid!

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