Snow Job II: The miracle

Was it really only Saturday I was bemoaning the lack of fresh-faced kids wanting to shovel snow? We’ve had some more snow, a little more freezing rain, and it’s been cold; it seems like this weather’s been this way for a year.

Monday morning, though, things changed. I was still asleep when Howie poked his head in the bedroom door and asked if he could have the $2 bill in my jewelry box.

It seems that a boy actually came knocking at our door, asking if we’d like our walk shoveled. You heard it here folks, a teenager knocked at our door, wanting to do manual labor in exchange for cash.

I groggily acquiesced to the raiding of my beloved memento, then dozed back off to the muffled sound of voices in the living room. Howie offered to pay the boy $5 to shovel our front porch and walkway, but then decided to give him an extra $2 to do a narrow strip down the sidewalk in front of our property. His name was Jeremy and he wore a camouflage jumpsuit. He looked to be about 13 or so, Howie said.

Well, the kid left without doing the sidewalk strip. Howie and I assumed that he either skipped out or saw the $2 bill and thought it was a counterfeit. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I was pretty miffed.

Ah well. Wednesday morning, we were awakened by the sound of our mail slot rattling.

*Grumble*…It wasn’t even 9:00am yet. We knew it wasn’t my folks since there was no accompanying “Helllooooo” coming through the mail slot. They think it’s great fun to hear the dogs barking and to say hello to them, too.

So, we were bad. We stubbornly snuggled down in the blankets and wished the rattler away. But the visitor persisted. I’m telling you, when you normally sleep until noon, it is no fun having someone knocking on your door at 8:45am.

Howie finally threw on his robe and peeked out the living room window. Yep, it was Jeremy. Declining to acknowledge the early bird, he crawled back into bed. Jeremy clanked the mail slot a couple more times, then employed the door knocker. When that didn’t work, he knocked on the door itself. *sigh* – Darn that sign of ours!

Evidently, the thought of cash is a pretty strong motivator for this kid. Howie finally answered the door. He told Jeremy we didn’t have any cash right then, but we would if he came back in the evening. He said Jeremy apologized and it looks like he honestly misunderstood Howie’s directions.

Perhaps his folks didn’t want him going back out to shovel after dark, for he never showed up. Thursday brought more snow and Howie made sure we have some cash in case Jeremy comes a-knockin’.

We decided it’s only worth his shoveling if we have at least 3″ of snow on the ground. Also, to avoid any misunderstandings, I drew up a diagram as sort of a contract for what we expect for $10.

We’re ready and waiting. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Snow Job II: The miracle

  1. This kid could come in handy if he turns out to be dependable! So have some hot cocoa handy to give him a treat after he does the job. Oh, and try to get his phone number so you can call him in the future if you need a chore done and introduce yourselves to his parents so they know where he is and how nice it is to have a teen that is so willing to work for his pocket change. Parents love to hear this about the kid they usually cannot get to take out the trash.

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