You’d think we’d just moved the family to a new country the way these dogs are investigating every square inch of the office today. Buddy, especially, has his nose plastered to every surface and is making a slow inventory of all the new smells. Beer spill…Check. Styrofoam bead…Check. Strange odor…Mental note, research later.

I know/hope there’s nothing on the floor to hurt him or the other two dogs, but it’s still disconcerting to see him shoving his nose into every crevice in the room. C’mon guys, same stuff, different places. Only the desk is new, and you’re not smelling it at all! Weirdos.

Everdry called this morning at 8:45am. I heard the guy’s voice coming over the answering machine, my mind still in a sleepy fog, and answered the phone. I was cognicent enough to hold a conversation with him and learn that the crews are running a couple of days behind and he wanted to know if Monday would be okay for them to start instead of tomorrow. AND HOW. I want to get the office and rest of the house clean before there’s more dust to deal with. Monday’s finer than frog hair, I reckon!

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