Sleep deprivation 101

Howie’s had an awful cough with his cold, far worse at night than in the light of day, of course; last night, between his coughing and snoring, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Tired and irritated with a headache made worse by the incessant rattling of my sinus cavities, I took my pillow and held it…

…under my arm, heading for another room.

What? You think I was going to confess to murder here?

First, I grumbled into the living room, but didn’t feel like messing with the three mini-blinds behind the couch. No, that’s too much to deal with, so I went to our office and tried to sleep on the new chair. It’s one of those nice, big chair and a half deals, with a large upholstered ottoman. We all love it, especially the animals (the main reason we wanted a big chair).

That chair is great for a short nap when comfort overtakes you, but it is a sorry substitute for a real bed (or a couch, for that matter). Have you ever been so tired and frustrated you just didn’t have the energy to move and better your situation? That was me. When you’re seated in the chair, the ottoman is just a little higher than the compressed chair cushion. We have hardwood floors, so the ottoman slides on its wooden bun feet rather than staying put where its needed.

It’s just a lose-lose situation. Unfortunately, in my futile efforts to get comfortable, I awoke my mother-in-law (her bed is now in the front room of her apartment, right below the office…And the chair). Sorry, mom. *sigh*

So, when Howie got up around 1:00pm, I headed back to our *real* bed for four hours of shut-eye. Tonight, I’m just heading for the couch in the first place, bypassing the bed. Until he feels better, I need to get some sleep, and that means somewhere quiet. Galloping, hissing cats are silent compared to the sinus-vibrating snores and percussive coughs of a loved one, I’m afraid.

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4 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation 101

  1. Tylenol PM for who, Howie or me? Or both of us?

    I’m getting pretty desperate and I doubt the valerian root that helped in the past will help me much with this. I sleep very lightly, anyway, so it doesn’t take much to wake me.

  2. Oh boy, you should really try the PM. Take 2 pills about 2 hours before you want to sleep and they’ll do the rest. I don’t think you’ll be sleeping lightly after that 😉

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