She ran herself ragged

I just took Sarah and Emma on a walk in the snowstorm. We went to their favorite place, the kiddie playground; it’s fenced in so Emma is free to run like the wind.

She ran herself ragged today, though. Her poor feet are bleeding! She’s licking them now, trying to soothe them, poor girl. She doesn’t want to rest them on any surface, and who can blame her? =( I’m going to keep the dogs on their bed in the bathroom until those abrasions calm down.


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4 thoughts on “She ran herself ragged

  1. All pups should have little doggy booties in snow. And if you lived in a super hot climate, they’d need ’em to protect their paws from heat blisters (seen it happen more than once).

  2. Yes, we do need to get her some booties before we take her to run in the snow again. She has good 3-season tires, but isn’t much good on the snow. Gee, she’s like our Jetta!

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