No, not Miller Beer’s Sharp’s non-alcoholic “beer” beverage. Sharps as in biohazard sharps. Anyone who’s worked in a hospital or other medical facility is well aware of these disposal receptacles.


What’s odd is, I took this picture in the public restroom at our local public library. I know it’s probably there as a courtesy to diabetics who must give themselves insulin injections. Still, why here? Hopefully it’s not a response to crackheads leaving syringes around or something like that. I wonder who maintains it and is responsible for emptying it. How and where do they dispose of its contents?

Am I the only one who finds it odd to see a biohazard sharps container at the library?

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  1. It’s probably for diabetics to leave insulin syringes, rather than in the trash can.

  2. I have NEVER seen these boxes in a PUBLIC place – NEVER! This is very strange. My mom is a diabetic. She takes three shots a day and I bet she has never seen this either. Strange I tell you!

  3. Its the Sharps Compliance, Inc. Sharps Secure product. It’s designed to facilitate the proper disposal of used syringes in the public restroom setting. There are over 2 billion used syringes improperly disposed of by legal drug users (diabetics) per year. The Sharps Secure is placed in the public restroom setting to prevent accidental needle sticks to workers, patrons, etc…… See the following link for additional product information:

    Sharps Compliance also sells mail back products used by patients outside the hospital setting.

    Tami, please e-mail and I can get product to your mother to properly dispose of her used syringes (versus throwing in the trash!).

  4. I realize the purpose of the box — The product makes sense, especially to safeguard those who must empty the trash containers. It’s just odd to find it in a library setting instead of a doctor’s office or hospital.

  5. Probably a “solution” after some diabetic came screaming out of the restroom, hollering, “WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO PUT MY USED NEEDLES?!?!?”


  6. I hope this trend continues! It would be great to be able to dispose of Bob’s used syringes when we are traveling instead of having to hoarde them until we get home!

    The VA does give him sharps containers for home use and they fill up fast. When they are full he takes them back and exchanges them for another empty.

    But yes, seeing one in a Library restroom would make me look twice!

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