Sharon Tells It Like It Is

Sharon kills me sometimes. Speaking to men, she says this:

And if you’re really nice and treat me like the intelligent princess I am, when you ask me for my phone number, I might give you my real one and not the number to the prayer line at church.

I roared when I read that! Like I said to Sharon, though, it could backfire. What if this poor lovelorn fella asks for prayer that he can find the beautiful girl who gave him the wrong number? What if God hears and answers that prayer? Oh, my!

You could always be like Elaine Benes and give out a standard fake number; that kind of backfired on her when she had to go to the betting parlor whose number she’d been giving out. That’s such a funny episode…Think George’s “Festivus” celebration and Jerry’s sometimes-beautiful-sometimes-hideous girlfriend Gwen. Or just go read the script.

But about those fake numbers…For those who prefer the more direct, but still passive aggressive, approach, there’s the Rejection Hotline.

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