Shameless Plug

Shameless plug here…We’re selling a Mac Powerbook G3, book and USB 2.0 PCMCIA card in an eBay auction. Howie is going to put its proceeds with the that from the sale of his desktop computer and get a refurbished Dell laptop. He misses his PC notebook, poor baby.

He sold his Micron laptop and bought the Mac in March, thinking it would be good to learn Macs. Truthfully, Photoshop and the other programs he’s learning run almost identically on the PC, and he misses the Windows platform.

I miss the PC, too, so I’m all for it! There will be less computer stuff in the office, too, since he doesn’t want to use an external monitor with his new computer. I’m lovin’ that!

3 thoughts on “Shameless Plug

  1. We’ve had 3 people e-mail us, each with different questions. One man is a teacher and needs to learn the Mac platform and how to use a Powerbook prior to the new school year – he sounded interested and might do the Buy It Now. Hope so! It’s a great deal for someone, because it’s a nice notebook – just not what we want (a PC).

  2. My Dad just bought one of those refurbished Dell laptops, and loves it. I helped him (long distance) to set up a wireless home network and everything works flawlessly.

    My laptop is a Dell as well… talk about shameless plugs.

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