Screaming meme

Medb has tagged me in a game. The rules are pretty simple. I must (1) link back to the person who tagged me (done!) (2) tell which sit-com character I would like to be and (3) tag three other people to play.

The sit-com character I’d like to be is Jaime Buckman on Mad About You, at least in the earlier shows, before it jumped the shark. She’s competent, funny and cute. I’m talking about her pre-Mabel days, before she was embittered and looked so haggard (sorry Helen!).

I tag…Sarah, Tami and Joanie.

3 thoughts on “Screaming meme

  1. I know I’m supposed to make this a blog entry, but I go blank when I try to think of things like this. Someone else tagged me a while back and I never even responded – I know that’s horrible. I think I would choose Charlotte York on Sex & The City. There’s probably someone much, much better, but I can’t think. I do better if I have a list to choose from!

  2. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like yours also. Funny thing that you mentioned dieting. I am about to go on one tomorrow!!! I’m going to check out your weight loss posts now. Take care! -Margie

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