Scrappers Gallery’s 1st Birthday

This weekend, Friday-Sunday, I spent at Scrapper’s Gallery with my scrapbooking buddies. It was the store’s first birthday, and they had a big crop to celebrate. If they had a website (hint, hint!), I would point you toward it.

We had a great time visiting and working on our pages. In truth, I only got three pages done the whole time, but I did assemble a 6×6″ chipboard album kit, too. Mostly I puttered around with designs and talked with my friends. It’s more the process than the result that I’m into, anyway. It’s great being around other women and hearing happy chatter.

Friday evening and Saturday, Stephenie from the Fiskateers was at the store. She had with her dozens of cool Fiskers craft products which we were all free to use. She gave away tools and paper products during the drawings, and everyone received something neat from her. I was tickled to join the FIskateers myself since I love their products!

Saturday afternoon, they cut the beautiful birthday cake and gave all the GUESTS presents! It was so fun watching them hand out all the brightly-wrapped boxes. We each received a lavender T-shirt boasting the Scrappers Gallery logo, a gift certificate for a free Friday night Pizza Crop, and a Fiskars 12″ paper trimmer. I bought a Fiskars rotary trimmer a few months ago, so I am going to give the paper trimmer to my mom.

Saturday night, they had a reverse raffle. It’s different than a regular one in that you don’t want your number drawn because each drawing is for a progressively more expensive item. It was funny…Ivana and I would hear what was being given away and hope we wouldn’t be drawn because we either had an item or wouldn’t use it. It got down to just three of us left, then just Ivana and me! This was precious because she’s my very good friend and the reason I got back into scrapbooking after letting it go by the wayside for a while.

She won first prize, a rolling tote that doubles as a stool to sit on. It can also be removed from the frame and used as a backpack. I won a rolling drawer unit for organizing supplies. I promptly filled it with all the stuff that had been cluttering up my workspace at the crop. That thing is great, and I can put it in the van to take with me to crops.

Sunday afternoon, textile designer Amy Butler came to the store to meet people and to sign the mini-albums we’d done as a make-and-take earlier in the day. Amy’s textile designs are beautiful and K & Company. was smart to bring out a line with her designs. They’re gorgeous. I didn’t realize she lives in the next town over and felt like such a doofus when I asked where she lived and she told me an area of Granville, Sheesh. Stephenie is from the Chicago area, so I just assumed Amy must be from elsewhere, too.

It was a great weekend, talking and laughing (and laughing and laughing) with my friends at the crop. Scrapbooking is the modern woman’s quilting bee. All the same, I was wiped out and ready to sleep come last night. And today I got up and had breakfast only to fall asleep on the couch at 9am!

I open at the store tomorrow, so 4:00am will come around all too soon. I’m heading to bed. I will try to post some photos tomorrow afternoon.

One thought on “Scrappers Gallery’s 1st Birthday

  1. It sounds just as you described it; a modern-day quilting bee. How fun!

    I know the items can get pricy, but I guess if you buy a little at a time its not too bad. We love Michaels. I guess thats the closest store near us that has an abundance of these things. I personally love stickers!!

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