Scrapbook color schemes

I have a good eye for design, but I am admittedly bad at coming up with color schemes. This blog’s design is one I wish I could claim as my design, but Mandi deserves all the credit for it. Having said that, I will say that I am not beyond learning about better color coordination.

Some people, like my scrapbooking friend Ivana, have a natural designers’ eye for bringing together colors, textures and embellishments. I need help getting started, though. Fortunately, a scrapbooking site led me to this Color Scheme Generator tonight. What a cool little application! It’s designed for webpage designers, but it carries over into print media just as well.

Some users at have good tips for color coordination, too:

  • Save yourelf time and energy by looking at menus and other signage to find color combinations that work well together. Companies pay marketing and advertising companies lots of money to plan menus and advertisements. They’ve already done the work for you. jmattix531
  • Check the paint aisle of your local hardware/home improvement store to find sample cards featuring fresh and innovative color combinations. These sample cards are not just monochromatic anymore! I found some at my neighborhood Lowe’s. kdkaboom55
  • I have a binder ring with some fifty color sample sticks hanging on it. Those samples are going right into my scrapbook case so they’ll be handy. Anyone else have scrapbook hints or tricks?

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