Remember the Chevy I listed on eBay for one of Howie’s coworkers? Well, it sold offline to one of the people who’d seen the listing, so this fella decided to have us get him a laptop on eBay for his daughter. We bought an a used IBM Thinkpad 600 and had it shipped here so we could get everything configured on it for the friend. The display on that IBM is so much brighter and nicer than the one on my hubby’s Micron – you can tell it was a lot better made to begin with.

Well, combine that obvious disparity with the realization that my old Sony monitor is still functional, and what do you get? A scavenger, that’s what! Quick as a wink, Howie had his wingback chair and cart re-arranged so the old monitor was hooked up to the Micron and perched atop The Cockpit. Hey, it was easier than carrying it down to the basement. Plus, with the headphones on and the room lights dimmed, it makes for a pretty darned nice movie experience, all curled up in the wingback chair there.

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