Saved by the bell

We have CallStation, a full-service answering machine and talking caller ID software, on our home computer. It uses text-to-speech technology which, while really amazing, is also pretty funny in some of its pronunciations.

For instance, my husband’s work phone comes up with the abreviation “div” at the end (for Division), but our computer faithfully proclaims “RRD Direct Dividend” is calling. Another friend’s cell phone comes up as CELL PHONE FL (for Florida), but it’s announced as “Cell Phone Fluid” in its robotic voice. I could assign custom rings to these frequent callers, but why should I when the machine is so much funnier?

What got me thinking about caller ID tonight is the news story my MIL mentioned to me Wednesday afternoon. Here it is for those of you who’ve not heard:

Phone Call Saves Woman From Truck Accident

SUMMERFORD, Ohio (AP) — A woman says her life was likely saved when she answered a hang-up phone call. Mary Dhume of Ohio was watching television Monday night when the phone in the next room rang. She got up to answer it, but there was no one at the other end of the line.

Then she heard breaking glass and saw her living room wall collapse onto the chair where she’d been sitting.

A pickup truck had missed the curve on the road in front of Dhume’s home and smashed into the century-old house. Dhume said she saw the driver run away as she dialed 911.

Three hours later, State Highway Patrol troopers arrested Carlos Cummings, 41, of Mechanicsburg, on a charge of failing to control a vehicle.

“The phone ringing at that particular time? That’s one of those things people would never believe,” Dhume said. “Maybe it was God calling to tell me to get out of my living room.”

Source: Associated Press International

I wonder if she has caller ID. If so, I wonder what would come up on its screen.

I thought it interesting that a Google News Search for the story produced so many different headlines for the item. Most reference a phone call from God…But one party-pooper venue bills it as a prank call. C’mon, you fuddy-duddies!

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  1. I got chills reading that news piece. That is SO a God-thing, as I like to call it. I wonder if God has a phone number, or if the caller ID would just say “private caller.” 😉

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