Save on textbooks and get free 2-day shipping

Hand written ad saying poor student will buy your textbooks.Back when I was in college*, I was pretty much at the mercy of the college bookstore when it came to textbooks. Even their used texts were outrageously expensive, and this was the late 1990’s. I can only imagine what students pay now.

There were always a few “for sale” notes pinned to campus bulletin boards, but competitively priced books were quick to sell. I didn’t have a car, so driving in to a campus bookstore in Columbus wasn’t an option.

Not so, now! College students have an amazing world wide store at their fingertips. They have textbooks for everything from math to literature, business & finance to medicine.

They even have textbooks in audiobook format. It’s great these are available, especially since some students learn better by hearing than by reading and reading while you listen can help anyone with retention and comprehension.

This morning, I learned Amazon has a great deal going on for anyone in need of college textbooks. They have new textbooks discounted up to 30% and used textbooks discounted up to 90%. That’s not shabby in itself, but they’ve sweetened the deal with an unbeatable bit of sugar: Right now, if you buy any textbook, you will receive free 3-month tial of Amazon Prime. The normal trial membership is 30 days, so this is great!

For those of you who don’t know, Amazon Prime gives you free 2-day shipping on anything fulfilled by Amazon. That’s fast! You can get hard-to-find grocery items, paper products, electronics and — of course — books. Amazon has just about everything that doesn’t require a refrigerator or a permit.

I’m not currently a student, but consider myself a lifelong learner and some of the titles I saw while browsing had my brain drooling. There’s so much out there to learn, no matter what your age! You don’t have to enroll in a college to do it, either. Textbooks don’t require a prescription or a copy of your tuition receipt. Anyone can read and learn!

* Does this make me sound ancient or what? What a lead in for some tale of woe or fanciful trip down memory lane. Here’s one: Back when I was in college, we didn’t have the interwebs, nosiree! We flipped through a card catalog at the library to find the book we needed and didn’t know until we got to its place on the shelf whether or not it was checked out.

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