Savage rudeness

I’m not a political blogger. I don’t even like talking politics in private. But tonight Michael Savage really ticked me off. He’s not one of my favorite talk show hosts, anyway, but I occasionally listen to him. What upset me tonight was his playing a clip of the National Anthem from the Republican National Convention this evening and them commenting on it; all he did do was rip apart the girl who sang it, complaining that they didn’t get a professional to sing it. I switched to another station after he’d gone on for 30 seconds complaining about how she couldn’t even carry a tune.

It’s one thing to complain about politics and policies, but give me a break.

Update (8/31/2004): I wrote him.

I wasn’t going to write, but since I’m still stewing over this a day later, I’ve changed my tune. It’s not politics or ideology that has me upset, but rather your comments about the girl who sang “The Star Spangled Banner” at the Republican National Convention yesterday. What you did to that girl was a cheap shot. Whatever reason she was chosen, I’m sure she did her best. To say she couldn’t carry a tune, that she had a terrible voice, didn’t reflect on politics or the issues at hand; it was just spiteful. It’s what bullies do when they have nothing better to say.

Usually I can mentally tune out your tangents, but after 30 seconds of your criticisms about this girl, about why they had her sing, I switched stations. It’s going to be a while before I can tune in again.

5 thoughts on “Savage rudeness

  1. i am with you on politics, but what you bring up has nothing to DO with politics! that’s just plain nastiness–and completely uncalled for. I did not see it, but i am sure, if nothing else, that girl put her whole self into singing that particular song for that event in these times.


  2. I didn’t see or hear it but I do agree that to attack the performer in this manner is bully tactics. Glade that you wrote to him! Can you imagine having been selected to sing that song on such an occasion and the emotional roller coaster your nerves would take? And not being a pro would make it even more stressfull. But It is our national anthem and unless the singer is deliberately messing it up, every voice that sings it is beautiful!

  3. Yes, he drives me nuts, I like to listen to talk radio, but every show it seems on our local station is republican. Just because people have differing political views, doesnt mean they need to resort tearing apart some young girl when I am sure she had alot on her mind. I could never sing in front of all those people, kudos to her 🙂

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