Saturday morning with Stella

Stella ate again this morning, yay! We tried a new approach and see that Stella likes canned dog food. A lot. Then again, what dog doesn’t? 🙂

She ate kibble mixed with canned food, and since the food was also soaked in broth, she got more liquids. We’re still more concerned with the hydration than the food, though food’s important for energy.

She’s still stuffed up. From watching her and listening as she breathes, I’ve observed she can breathe in okay, but has to push to exhale. Her gums are pink, though, so she’s getting enough oxygen. She still coughs and sometimes coughs stuff up.

She tried to play a little, but only got as far as amassing a stockpile of toys before sleep won out. That’s okay, she needs to sleep. 🙂 She’s lying in between me and the arm of the recliner right now.

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