Sarah’s in Mutt Madness

SarahbouOur silly Sarah dog is in the Mutt Madness final 16! If you would, please go and vote for her video there. Hers is the one entitled Sarahbou & Caribou. We’d really appreciate your support since the winner will receive a year’s pet insurance and a cash prize.

Thanks! 🙂

P.S. 3/18/2008: I just learned we’ve already won $100 just for her being in the “shaggy sixteen” finalists. Woot! It just gets better from here, folks, so spread the word!

  • If she makes it to the “energetic eight”, announced March 24, we’ll receive another $100.
  • If she makes it to the “furry four, announced March 31, we’ll receive another $300.
    And…a drumroll please….
  • If she’s selected as the champion, we’ll receive another $500 (for a total of $1000) AND a year’s free pet insurance.

This would be huge for us. I’m tickled she made it this far out of over sixty entries, but it would be fabulous if she won! She’s the same modest doggie, by the way, just watching for squirrels and keeping us safe from the mailman.

11 thoughts on “Sarah’s in Mutt Madness

  1. You can only vote once per bracket. On March 24, the field will be narrowed to the “energetic eight”, at which point you can vote again. Then the “furry four” will be announced March 31, and you can vote again.

  2. Y’all really should submit that one to America’s Funniest Pets or whatever they call that. Is that just a morning ritual like it usually is for me or is she constantly caffinated ??
    🙂 ‘Course I am too – I just drink Tea in the afternoon but … :-O

  3. It’s a morning routine, Skip. LOL! She doesn’t get a bean every day, but when she’s in the kitchen while the coffee’s being prepped, she sometimes gets a bean. It doesn’t make her any more hyper than normal; she’s a Ferdinand personality type, sitting still and watching the world.

  4. I love her little white mask. She’s so cute. Thanks for sending me the link. Of course I voted for HER!

  5. Thanks, Desi. 🙂 She looks like a little monkey with that mask, doesn’t she? She used to be all golden brown, but the years have given her a silver patina.

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