This is it! Sarah’s in the Furry Four!

This is it, gang – what we’ve been hoping for!

Our favorite coffee-loving mutt made the cut!

I checked the Mutt Madness page from my phone and saw they’ve posted the Furry Four…And Sarah’s one of them!

YAHOO!! Thank you for your support!

This is the big Kahuna, the whopper, the big one. We need your votes now more than ever! This is IT!

Please place your vote for Sarahbou & Caribou.

From the sound of the announcement letter, the voting cutoff is soon. The e-mail said the champion will be announced Monday, March 31. That’s TODAY, people! LOL

NOTE: The e-mail from the promoter had the date wrong. The winner will be announced
April 7, so voting must go through the end of April 6.

Even one extra vote can make the difference, so if you’d tell just one person who doesn’t know…I’d love ya forever. 😀

9 thoughts on “This is it! Sarah’s in the Furry Four!

  1. Yes, I need to fix this entry. I learned there was a mistake in the e-mail, and that the champion will be announced April 7. So, voting goes through April 6, presumably until Midnight. 🙂

  2. dumb technical question – can we addd entries to this blog by replying to the update email ??? 😉 I IKNOW my brother voted so that’s at least 6 votes 🙂

  3. I’m assuming they’re just notifications and don’t generate posts. My guess is no. What is the reply-to or from address on the notifications?

  4. Gee – It won’t reply with full headers from yahoo……
    The reply-to however is the wordpress address. and in that I replyed and it didn’t generate a post then I’m guessing you are right and the answere is NO! 🙁
    I’ll put this in in case anybody else is avidly following the technical discussion….. 😉

  5. The wordpress e-mail addresses I use as reply-to on the comment notifications are just forwarding addresses. They point to Howie’s and my primary e-mail addresses.

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