Sarah the PayPal chat bot kills me. No, really kills me.

I had a question for PayPal, so thought I’d try their chatbot, virtual assistant Sarah-PayPal. I asked if there was a way to cancel a withdrawal that’s in pending status. I learned that there is not. Darn!

While I was chatting with my electronic friend, I asked something about fees. She directed me to the fees page, cleverly circumventing my question. I know, I know, she’s not real. She had the same effect on me as the monotone GPS voice which, though it doesn’t really change inflection, sounds like it does. Turn left. Turn left. Turn left!

In a moment of frustration, I typed, “this is useless”. You see how the conversation went downhill from there.

The conversation quickly went downhill.

My big question is, will PayPal cover my virtual hospital bills for my virtual gunshot wound? That little snip got me right between the eyes! Thank God she’s really tiny. Just sayin’.

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