Sarah affirms life

Sarah is a lady I know from 3FC, a weight-loss support website Howie and I frequent. She’s my much-admired person of the day today for several reasons.

For one, she’s a gifted writer whose lyrical prose is pure pleasure to read, as this excerpt from Monday shows:

Our young star magnolia tree, just planted in our front yard last year, is heavy with at least a hundred blossoms, and both Lorraine and I are quite the proud parents, gazing at it and touching it with proprietary satisfaction.

The whole entry resounds with her joy at seeing spring again and at what this re-emergence to life means both to a gardener and to a cancer patient.

You see, Sarah’s focus shifted from fighting flab to fighting a far more formidible enemy in December. She was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma this winter and now, as Sarah puts it, her new mission is “kicking cancer’s ass”. The great news is, her PET scan results were very encouraging, so she’s definitely on the right track.

She’s also figured out what a lot of people don’t: She’s strong enough to be weak. We can’t fight the big life battles alone, people! She’s been real and transparent without being whiney, and that opening of herself draws us into the fight with her.

If you read her blog, Journey to Babeland, you’ll see what I mean. Fight the good fight, for we’re in step with you and praying for cancer to get a major ass whuppin’. Lechaim, Sarah and Lorraine: To Life!

2 thoughts on “Sarah affirms life

  1. Kimberley, you sweetheart! Thank you very much indeed for your high praise! I should have known that you, especially, would respond to my appreciation of my garden!

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support; you have really been there for me, and it has helped so much….you’ve really been a good friend, and I thank you.


  2. Well, you know, that’s what life’s all about. And how awesome is the Internet when it comes to making and being friends to people, wherever in the world they may happen to live.

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