Santa came early

My notebook came yesterday via UPS. Howie took the box and put it next to his office chair and proceeded to tease me with it. Honestly, I was preoccupied most of the day with our dog being sick and trying to pick up the house in preparation for cleaning tomorrow, so I wasn’t particularly wistful about that Dell box on the floor.

When he got home from work about 1:00am, though, he put the box on my office chair. I thought he just wanted it out of the way, so put it on the floor by my desk. He said, “Well, fine! Don’t open it, then!” and proceeded to tell me he was only teasing about not letting me open it before Christmas day.

So…I’ve been on it overnight and still haven’t gone to sleep.

I’m able to get our wireless signal and get on the web just fine, but I can’t get file sharing to cooperate; I’m not able to access the other computers on our home network, though they can see my shared documents folder. We know it’s just a software tweak we need to fix, one of those irritatingly simple things even seasoned pro’s overlook – not that we’re pro’s, but we are fairly seasoned. We’ve tried various troubleshooting steps, but nothing’s worked so far. I think we both need a fresh look at it later today. Howie’s already sawing logs, but I’m looking at the software that came with the computer and puttering around.

I tried to play Spider-Man, but the DVD software brings up a map and says it is a Region 1 DVD (North America highlighted on the map) and I need to get one for my region. I checked my system settings and I do have everything set up for United States and eastern standard time. I’m not sure why it won’t play. I’ll have to try playing a different DVD later today.

All in all, though, I am completely smitten, both with my generous husband and with this gift!