Roofing & Windows Update

Pictures posted in my journal, along with a diatribe. Oh, and we’re not going to repaint the metal cabinets and use them. There just was no good way to configure them since we are taking up something like 55″ with the fridge and dishwasher. Noooo room without removing a bunch of cabinet space. Plus, we’d have to decorate around whatever color we painted them; with wood, there’s that warmth, plus so much flexibility with what colors one can use.

On an UP note, though, we signed a contract on replacement windows today: Rosati Windows. It’ll take 6-8 weeks for them to be built and ready; we hoped it wouldn’t be that long, but business has been good for the company, plus our windows have the woodgrain laminate being added to the inside, which adds a little time to the order.

Oh, I almost forgot another up note! The sleep diagnostic center called and said they’ll had a CPAP machine for me to pick up Thursday, October 13. Plus, my insurance is picking up the entire cost…What a blessing! I hope it helps me sleep better so I’m not so tired all the time. I’m bound to feel better in so many ways once I start sleeping well. Yay!

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  1. Pretty exciting getting a new kitchen, apparently, from what I’ve heard, kitchens are the most expensive reno’s to do. Btw I hope you can get the sleep you need.

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