Roofing Day 2

The roofers got here for day two, bright and early this time…No point in trying to sleep, so we’re up and dressed already. The guy from Rosati Windows is coming out to give us an estimate at 11am, anyway. This roofing crew is incredibly foul-mouthed, with lots of f-this and f-that and talk of oral sex. The pounding of nails and thudding of shingle bundles is enough without the ear-melting exchange between these men.

I’m not a prude, and I sometimes let fly with a few choice epithets when stressed. I understand that these are working dudes, and that’s how a lot of them talk. It’s expected to hear such talk at a construction site void of customers. It’s another thing to do so right outside a customer’s open window, let alone while she’s walking around outside in plain site. We find that very unprofessional.

However, we didn’t say anything to them; we’ll just report it to the company and Angie’s List after the work’s done; we wouldn’t want the crew ticked off and doing sub-standard work because of that. I’ve been going around taking pictures of the work in progress, and I told the man I assume is the foreman that we do before, during and after shots of projects and review them. When I walked down the street past the fenceline, I heard the guy say, “she’s going to be taking pictures”. Maybe it will help.

Now that we’re going with the original cabinets, we’re losing cabinet space; we don’t have the flexibility of getting a few 30×12 cabinets to go in tight spots, for instance. I’d love to figure out a way to keep all the units in the layout, but we have to make room for a 26″ wide fridge and a 24″ dishwasher (yay, dishwasher!). Measure, measure, re-measure. Hope, pray, dream. Re-measure.

2 thoughts on “Roofing Day 2

  1. There’s nothing worse then a bunch of dirty, perverted men! I hope you stick with your plan and tell on them when it’s all over! If Howie tells them also I think it will make a difference. You know, because he’s a man and he even found it offensive.

  2. Kimberly, I realize that you do not want to make them mad and all while they are working but please do not be afraid to speak up. You can nicely ask them to tone it down a bit.

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