Ronnie McSimmons?!

I know Richard Simmons has helped thousands with his upbeat personality and fun approach to diet and exercise. I just can’t stand to watch him for long at a time. He’s just too cute and perky for me.

But I just read about something worse, something which really makes my skin crawl when I let myself think about it. McDonald’s, in their quest to shed their Super-Sized, cholesterol and fat-laden image, has started pushing Go Active! healthy happy meals for adults. No, it’s not that which turns my stomach. Read on.

Okay, go ahead, try and reinvent yourself, Micky D’s. We know why we like you, though, and it ain’t because of low-cal, low-carb meals. Watching Ronald exercise might just make me lose my appetite, though. Maybe you’re onto something, there.

6 thoughts on “Ronnie McSimmons?!

  1. There’s a section on that page where it says “tell us what you think”. I just checked the box that says that I NEVER plan on buying one of these! I am so sick of this whole diet craze. Yes, losing weight is great (no offense to Howie – he is doing a wonderful job), but it almost makes bigger people (like me) feel like we’re some kind of freaks or something if we order the Big Mac Meal!

  2. i’ll bet anything this initiative has everything to do with that new documentary, supersize me. the guy who made the documentary ate mcdonald’s three times a day for about a month, just to see what would happen to his body. he gained weight, duh.

    if our country’s leaders don’t exercise a little wisdom and fast, the government is going to start mandating “healthy” eating, as if anyone is the expert on what is good to eat for another person. i will starve myself before i let another person dictate what i should eat! blargh!

  3. …if our country’s leaders don’t exercise a little wisdom and fast

    Exercise a little wisdom?! See, you’ve been brainwashed! LOL

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