Returned on time!

I saw Flickr has a goup called Reading Stack. This shot I took for my blog, but it seems to fit right in with the stacks. This is my borrowed stack!

The photo captures a momentous occasion: On May 31, I returned my library books on time, on their due date! You have to understand, when I go to the library, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can’t believe I can borrow all of them for free! So, I tend to check out a lot at a time; just in case some don’t interest me, I can have some waiting in the wings.

Thing is, I am not always so good about returning them on time. I have probably paid a part-timer’s salary with my overdue book fines over the years; even when I worked at the campus library while in school, I had overdues. I’d even have them in my car, people. I’d be tired after a long day and not want to walk clear out to the boonies to my car and lug them clear back to the library. I’d sigh and think, “Ehhhhh, I’ll return them tomorrow”. What’s up with that?

Maybe this is the new adult GW, who turns 40 this year and suddenly returns books when she should!

2 thoughts on “Returned on time!

  1. I heard that!!!! I think I’m down to 30 cents in the local library but I still owe @ 10 bucks to the previous library. I have two books (textbook type books) that ended up in my collection somewhere somehow and I still haven’t found them. So I send them 5 bucks a month hoping I will eventually pull them out again and gain another degree of Flat Forehead Syndome …. 😉 and my money back 🙂 If there is a room in our home without books I’m not aware of it. Even the garage has paperbacks that I stacked up to read on long trips when I wans’t driving. – Course – I haven’t had time to read them because I’m always reading something more important. Maybe someday and if not – then – not. [%-{)> T-Rex

  2. Good for you! We rent a lot of DVD’s from our library because they are free. You wouldn’t believe how many new releases we have gotten!

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