Rest in peace, Lelly-Belly

Well, it’s done. Elliott is in his final resting place, nestled back in the corner of our yard at the foot of the forsythia bushes and a dappled willow. We buried him in his favorite headquarters, his round cat bed. I surrounded him with flowers from the yard; he looked so peaceful and sweet curled up in there.

I decided to take a photo of him before we laid him to rest. I realize some may think it’s morbid, but to us it’s comforting to see him in a spot he loved so much in life. Next to our laps, this was his favorite place to be.


He started purring at the sound of our voices and kept purring and enjoying his chin rubs up to the moment he died. I was surprised at how quickly he went; one moment he was purring and looking at me, and then next second his eyes closed and he went limp. That’s when it hit us the hardest, that moment the little guy went away.

I have to think of the good things this evening. Of course, it’s painful, but there is still good. It is good he is no longer suffering. It is good that, though he had to spend his last night at the vet’s office, he knew we’d come back to him and loved him. It is good we let Hattie, Emma and Sarah see him and say their own goodbyes.

He saw me through my first job, my first home on my own, my marriage — so many things. He was an exceptionally good and friendly companion.

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9 thoughts on “Rest in peace, Lelly-Belly

  1. Sigh, its so sad when you have to let them go – they bring so much love and joy for such a relatively short time. Elliott was very lucky to have had a good, long, happy life as a beloved pet; almost as lucky as you were to have had such a sweet furchild in your life. I know how difficult it is…but its nice to be able to smile through the tears as you reflect on all the good memories. I don’t think his final picture is morbid at all – I see peace and caring in that scene.

  2. ((((kimberly))))
    hugs for your hurting heart.
    You did a good thing–a very, very hard thing, but a good one.

  3. What a terrible position we are put into having to make such decisions – deciding when our best friends will go. I have not been in this position, but I hope that I can handle it with as much dignity as you have. As of this moment, all I have are many, many tears. I am sorry for your loss.

  4. ((((BIG HUG))))
    It is so hard when you know it is for the best. It sounds like he has a very nice resting place. You could even put a little statue or a walking stone there.

  5. Kim, I fully understand the loss of a beloved family member like your Elliott. I am glag that you were strong enough to make the decision to not let him suffer. That you buried him in his favorite spot with dignity intact is appropriate for such a special friend.

  6. Thanks so much, everyone. I’ve been so busy the last several days and have not done any posting. I get e-mail notifications of comments, though, and your kindness has been heartening. Thanks so much.

  7. I know the feeling all too well. My old friend Trouble (aptly named) had been with me for 16 years. It was a bittersweet day when I had to let him go. My wife was due with our baby daughter in less than a month and so I focused all of my energy on them both. It still makes me sad to think of that last day. May you keep the good memories with you always.


  8. Kimberly and Howie,
    No matter how much I wish, nothing I can say can ease your pain. All we can do is pray for you and your fur children to get through this as best you know how. I feel your pain from across the miles, and our hearts are there with you all.

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