Rest, err, hop in peace, Easter Bunny

First, happy Easter: May your own joy be resurrected on this day we celebrate the risen Lord! Second, more evidence our country has gone careening farther down the path of political correctness…

The Easter Bunny may soon be another casualty of the PC crowd. That just burns my cottontail.

But consider the irony. On one hand, you have some Christians up in arms because the Easter Bunny is even considered part of Easter tradition; after all, it’s really not Christian in origin. But at the same time, you have non-Christians saying the Easter Bunny should be renamed or abolished because of his ties to the Christian religion!

Seems nobody wants the little guy. Well, I do. Call him what you will, that little bugger brings chocolate…And anyone who brings chocolate can’t be all that bad.

One of my earliest memories is of Easter visits to my great-grandmother’s home in Muncie, Indiana. Each year, we’d travel about 4 hours from the Chicago area and meet my maternal grandparents at Great-Grandma Bertie’s house. She always had a homemade cake ready for us in an aluminum cake pan sporting a slide-on lid. The cake was covered with that wonderful, slightly gritty homemade icing. We’d enjoy that and sip cold milk out of jewel-toned aluminum tumblers.

Easter morning, I’d enjoy an Easter egg hunt in her little house. Foil-wrapped chocolate eggs were hidden in various cubbies and corners, and there was always one nestled down in her sculpture of praying hands (similar to this), right in the gap between the palms. Isn’t it funny the things you remember?

6 thoughts on “Rest, err, hop in peace, Easter Bunny

  1. I know what you mean about the slightly gritty homemade icing. My mom?s is just like this for her red velvet cake and it is yummy!

  2. My mom said Bertie’s icing was “7-Minute Icing” and she has the recipe. I am so psyched. 🙂 I need to wait until an event when we’ll have lots of people over to eat all of it…I can’t have it in the house, LOL.

  3. I agree with you on the country getting way too PC. I don’t see why people can not have both on Easter? Why not celebrate the real reason for the season and then also have the bunny bring candy? Getting rid of the Easter bunny would be silly, especially considering not everyone in this country is Christian. Hubby told me that most holidays had pagan roots. The church kept the dates and just changed what the holidays were about. (or something like that, I cant remember EXACTLY what he said,

  4. Knowing new converts wouldn’t want to part with their traditions and festivals, the Church incorporated the elements into its own tradition, only “Christianizing” them. The Church absorbed all sorts of traditions and sanitzed them so they fit into the Christian view. It’s interesting reading, seeing where our holiday traditions came from. Easter eggs, for example, have their origin in fertility rites; the word “Easter” comes from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring.

  5. We decided to take the Bunny out of our kid’s holiday after teaching Sunday School last year and finding out that our son was the only kid that didn’t think Easter was to celebrate the Easter Bunny’s birthday. We’re talking about kids who regularly attend church, and there were over 20 in the class! We caved in on the whole Santa issue, but feel glad that the Bunny himself skipped our house this year. Our children got lots and lots of candy and gifts and didn’t really seem to miss him.

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