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Sometimes peoples’ serious postings are unintentionally amusing (remember that guy’s personal ad?). This post from the Columbus Craig’s List site is a good example. Posts expire in 45 days, so I’ve copied it into this blog entry for posterity. I can just picture this disgruntled guy sitting down at his computer, pug puppy in lap, and typing out this rant. I’ve not corrected his typing.

animal rescue?think before you do it.

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Date: 2006-01-30, 1:57PM EST

i tried to do the dog rescue thing when looking for a dog. the so called “rescuers” told me because i didn’t have a fenced in yard im not allowed an opportunity to adopt a dog. these people think because they are in charge of a bunch of dogs nobody wants they can pick and choose where the dogs go. well,dog rescuers,you can keep your dogs,and your elitist attitude. i went to a breeder,paid $500 for a nice pug puppy,and the dog is doing fine without a fenced in yard. i highly recommend staying away from these dog rescue organizations.a lot of them are just a bunch of weird people on depresssion medication. im not going to put an email address here,i dont need you wackos emailing me saying youll poop in my front yard.

ani-pug.gif I hope all you control-freaky, weird, animal rescue people on anti-depressants can take this. And, please, don’t poop on this poor soul’s lawn. His pug might get blamed for it.

That said, he’s right that the people at some organizations are elitist. I’ve read comments on some rescue animals’ bios at that made my toes curl. One went so far as attacking what the former owners looked like, saying the owners claimed they couldn’t afford to feed the dog, but from the looks of them, they could have eaten less McDonalds. That’s just plain rude! Even if their reason wasn’t a good one, there was no need to insult the individuals, especially about their weight.

There are people who have pets who, because of any number of personal difficulties, must find their pets a new home. They’re not negligent, not abusers, not evil people. For every idiot who got a dog on impulse and then changed his mind, there are others who have good reasons for having to place their animals. It’s not for the rescue organizations to make value judgements about the people.

these people think because they are in charge of a bunch of dogs nobody wants they can pick and choose where the dogs go.

Umm, well, the fact is, the rescuers own the animals and have the right to be picky when it comes to the placement of their charges. I agree with you that requiring a fenced-in yard is not realistic, not when there are thousands upon thousands of dogs and cats needing homes; they’ve cut way back on the number of potential loving, forever homes available by making a fenced-in yard a requirement. But not all rescue organizations have such stiff requirements for potential pet adopters.

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  1. I have a friend that was refused adoption rights by a rescue place because they lived in a rental unit. They had lived there for 6 years and the landlord allowed pets. He even gave them a letter stating they were good, long term tenants who had lost their previous dog to old age. They had great vet’s references, a large fenced yard and a whole lot of love to give to a new pet. But were told that “people who rent are not reliable pet owners”

    The puppy they wanted was adopted a week later by a home owner with a teenage boy with a temper problem who lived two house down the street from them. It was dead a month later because their boy kicked it and ruptured something. They went back and adopted a second puppy within days from the same shelter.

    These places do have a responsibility to place their animals in good homes. But they need to evaluate people with more common sense and fewer rigid rules.

  2. Oh, my! This brings back memories. A few years ago, Kevin and I were in PetSmart and the Life For Pets group had a station set up (they are there all the time). Anyway, Kevin and I wanted to adopt this beautiful gray cat. We had to fill out a questionnaire with some ridiculous questions and stipulations regarding the adoption. We had to agree to let one of the people come to our HOME a week or so after the adoption so that they could make sure the animal was in a safe environment. They said that they would drop in other times as well after the initial visit.
    The questionnaire also asked if we planned to de-claw the cat. I answered yes. We already have a cat that is de-clawed and I didn?t want this new cat to scratch him.
    After seeing this answer, they told me that there was no way they would let me adopt the cat. I was floored to say the least. Here they had many, many homeless animals and they refused to let me BUY this cat?! Had the adoption gone through, I would have been out over $50 for a cat that I could have gotten for free out of the newspaper.

  3. Tami, that’s just nuts! And Brenda…How horrible. Makes you want to turn in the family. How awful.

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