Relaxing and Re-Kline-ing

Angie and did a little fish shopping at a local store run by a brother and sister. I just got our new (to us) 55-gallon fishtank cleaned and set up, and we’re deciding on what to stock it with. We’re going with tropicals, and I’m thinking about gouramis, tetras, barbs, puffer fish and some other semi-aggressive fish. I’d really like to get a parrot fish, but they’re pricier; best to wait until the tank’s well-established before getting anything special. Here’s the tank, sans fish and ready to go:

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After shopping, Angie and I watched not one, but two Kevin Kline movies. What fun – I forget how enjoyable it is to kick back and watch movies! The first was French Kiss, with Klein and Meg Ryan. It was your typical fun little Meg Ryan movie and had some great one-liners in it.

The second was The Emperor’s Club, in which Kline plays a professor at a boys school. It spans a 27-year period beginning in 1974. I suppose they wanted it to be reminiscent of Dead Poets Society…Beloved teacher helps troubled student(s) at the stuffy and traditional boys school, etc. It didn’t measure up to that movie at all, but then again, it would be impossible to (IMHO). It was okay, but not any great shakes – but Kline was really good in it and it made me appreciate all over again the power a good teacher has to change lives. Go teachers!

On another subject, my mother-in-law is purchasing one of those citronella-spritzing anti-bark collars for her dachshund; I bought one on eBay (saved a good $20 off retail “specials”, even including the shipping) for her today. We’re all looking forward to seeing how well it works. Her doggie’s been barking up a storm since the contractors are still working in the house. They downstairs is 90% finished, and all that remains upstairs is the installation of our bathroom vent/light and drywalling/re-tiling around the new shower area.

It should all be done by Friday…And Merry Maids is coming out Monday morning to make all this plaster and drywall dust nothing but a distant memory. Hallelujah for life’s rare treats!

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