ReLAX, Kitty!

Our cats regularly hack up hairballs, so I bought a tube of hairball preventative/remedy at the vet’s office. Ready for the name of this miracle sludge?

Cat Lax! Isn’t that an awful name? I mean, why not call it Kitty Lube? I hope it helps, because we are sick of cleaning up cat hairball vomit.

I administer it by donning a surgical glove and putting a dab of the stuff on my index finger, then scraping said finger against the cat’s upper palate. We have all these gloves left over from when we used to employ the tushy tweak on our anally-challenged beagle. He’s with another owner now, but I knew all those leftover gloves would come in handy for something.

Back to the Cat Lax. The directions say it is palatable and most cats like it. It also says to try dabbing some on the cat’s foot, because the cat will then lick it off. My attempt at this was dismal, however. It would help if I’d put the stuff on the top of the cat’s foot and not the pad.

The Voice of Experience reverberates: If put on the bottom of the cat’s paw, you will only succeed in the cat leaving a trail of little greasy footprints!

The first ingredient listed is cod liver oil, followed closely by caramel. You can imagine what a mess it makes. Thank GOD we have hardwood floors, because the stuff would be terrible to get out of carpet.


3 thoughts on “ReLAX, Kitty!

  1. YAHOO you’re back (((missed ya))), come visit me and see (and join) what one of my SIR’s created, I promise you’ll like it.

  2. YAHOO you’re back (((missed Ya))). Come visit me and see/join what one of my SIR’s created, I promise you’ll like it.

  3. OK it’s not that I like to hear myself talk (well maybe sometimes) but the reason I posted twice was cause your comment system gave my the evil error message, btw why am I in front of the computer on a beautiful sunny slightly breezy Saturday afternoon.

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