Rejoicing in love

Dana is one of the bloggers I hope to meet one day. Her wit is sharp, her humor bubbly, and her heart soft. She makes me laugh, but she challenges me and brings me to tears with her lovely way of expressing such complexities of the heart. This is one of those entries that I just had to share.

I can picture her husband standing in the doorway. Howie and I have weathered a lot the last twelve years since his accident. None of it has been life-threatening, but it has made us realize what things in life really matter. When I read entries like Dana’s, I see kindred spirits and it makes me glad. True love does still exist. Really, it does.

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2 thoughts on “Rejoicing in love

  1. AW
    now you made ME cry!
    you don’t have to have life threatening moments to know what the important things really are–but sometimes it speeds the process!

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