Reiner’s Time-Travelling Studio Audience

When I was little, I watched “All in the Family“. I still do watch it, and it’s stood the test of time. Anyway, as a child, I didn’t understand “before” could also mean “in front of”. So, when Rob Reiner would say “All in the Family was filmed before a live studio audience”, it confused the heck out of me! I only knew “before” in the chronological sense, so it blew me away to think they could film the show before the audience even got there — and you still heard them laughing. My thinking has always been strange; it’s just easier to disguise it as odd wit now. 😉

Strike another tickmark down for Joanie, for she clued me in to I Used To Believe, a site that’s chock full of such youthful malapropisms and misunderstandings. And, of course, when I first saw the title, clueless about its content, I thought it to be a site explaining why its author no longer believes in God. I like this a lot better.

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